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Live-in Care Services

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Care where you want it - in your own home

Live-in Care is a full-time home care solution that allows you or your loved one to stay at home in familiar, relaxed surroundings. Care is provided to adults and children by a fully trained Live-in Carer who works to an individually designed care plan. For many this one-to-one personal home care service is an ideal solution.

Choosing how to support the care of a loved one is a difficult decision; you want to do what's best for your family. There is no right or wrong, every family situation is different. But to be able to make an informed choice you need to know your options and understand the difference between home care and residential care.

Athena Care understands we need to listen to what you say and wherever possible assist you to express your preferences to ensure your care and support is delivered how you want it to be. We also understand the need to work in partnership with families and carers. This means that your live-in care service is truly tailor made to provide you with support and companionship, all of which is provided in the comfort of your own home. Our employed by us live-in care is based on a hours agreement covering a reference period - this is normally based on no more than 10 hours a day contact time and a good night's sleep. For more details call us now!

Athena Care is able to provide you with a carer who will remain at home to provide you with the reassurance that someone is always there to assist you when needed. We can also assist with clinical delegated health care tasks such as controlled medication, bowel management, bladder management, intermittent catheterisation, PEG feed, eye drops, etc..

We currently support individuals with a wide range of conditions, many of which we have listed on our Specialist Care page.

Nationwide Coverage

Our large team of fully trained social care workers and personal assistants are based throughout the UK successfully providing outcomes based personalised care services to individuals in their own homes.

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UK Live In Care Association

We are pleased to be members of the UK Live In Care Association which brings together live-in care providers in order to collectively promote live-in care in the UK. The association aims to become a collective voice of live-in care providers and an educational site for those who wish to learn more about live-in care.